my first space-y SFF

This is the first Science Fiction of its kind that I have read.  And I read this by mistake, actually.  I thought I had a Hubbard on my list of 100 books that I wanted to read.  This was about two-three years ago.  For a list of a hundred, many of them unfamiliar, I wasn’t sure who I had on my list and who I didn’t have when I went book shopping.  I would imagine that a particular author was on my list; I was really just getting confused between my list and the books I have been seeing shopping.  Because of this, I have found some pleasant mistakes.  I picked up books by mistake and I would read them and liked them.  I borrowed Battlefield Earth from my boyfriend then.  It was his dad’s.  I just saw it among the books in his library and borrowed.  This was a terribly thick book especially for a paperback.  And the story was very long.  Anyway, I liked it.  There were some corny moments, which is normal, but in general I really enjoyed it.  I liked how the story was built up.  I understood the alien politics going on.  And I really just appreciated the whole thing.

In the beginning, I wasn’t really into SFF; I didn’t think it was something any serious reader should really get into.  I think that’s how you expect an avid classic literature reader to react.  I have since swallowed my words, though I can understand certain people’s reaction to them.  In the end, it’s simply a matter of taste.  Before this, I have read some SFF without really thinking of them as SFF, such as Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.  I have always equated “Science Fiction” with space and stuff.  And Battlefield Earth is definitely one of the space-y types.  Now, I’m considering reading Star Trek… yeah, yeah.


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