i love my library

This is where I am in my life right now:


Living life I never thought was possible…

Glad to be given an opportunity…

A place in the world…


And now I’m officially “booklover”.




lolita, lolita, lolita

It’s been a while since I last visited her site, or any other fashion site for that matter.  Either I gave up on fashion, or I learned to be satisfied with what I’ve got and stop ogling at things I can’t have.  Yet.

Anyway, I was just checking my favorite fashion sites and here: a reminder that I still have not finished Lolita and my copy is a borrowed one.  Sure, there’s no time frame for its return and the lender is a super cool, super nice person, but still…


I wonder: did she choose Lolita because she likes it, or because it looks cool?

Or is it just the sunglasses?

The full Lolita post here.

the ulysses read-along

Marilyn Monroe.  Reading Ulysses.

I. Am. Officially. Behind.

Back in June 13, 2010 I asked the question, and apparently the answer is this year.  And for the whole year.

It started when…

and I thought what better than…

My lit life won’t be so bad this year after all…

I am finally undertaking this challenge of reading one of the hardest books known to man (everything second only to Moby-Dick, of course) and I get to update you of my progress through this blog.

I want to thank Honey of Coffeespoons, my partner for this challenge, for this really wonderful idea.  I think you may have just helped me find a way to get through the tough ones.

Now I have to start reading if I want to have something to report by the 16th.

Happy reading to us! 🙂

music. books. love.


I went to Dipolog City to see the home of an online friend… see the environment that nurtured the person I admire.

I experienced a full Café Romano hospitality.

Meewa’s Papa’s sculpture.

The library.  It’s refreshing to visit a friend that has a lot of books to compare with my own and discuss about.  It is quite a rarity.

A full Café Romano breakfast with the famous espresso. ♥  This was an excellent breakfast, but I have just arrived that morning so it was full of talk and less of the eating.  Truly delightful! 🙂

Demitasses.  One set of many from Meewa’s collection.

Dandi and Misha, Meewa’s brothers.  My last picture at the house.  I think this is very picturesque.  The photo is not very good as usual, but it’s the whole scene, the feeling it evokes: it makes me want to go back every time I see it.

Meewa of Les Fleur d’un Livre.  🙂 I’m so glad to finally meet her after years of online friendship.  Even through the net we’ve connected quite well to make me (finally) take on a trip south and be with her.  I experienced more than I thought I would for an overnight stay.  I had a truly wonderful time there.  I think I laughed the whole time.

This year, –and I know it’s not over yet but I don’t think both or either can be topped– I have had two wonderful, life-changing periods with people I never thought existed.  Both broke my heart.  The first one because He took my dreams away, and the second because They are so very far away.

travel companions

As all the work stuff relating to new ventures and new plans are settling and I have found a routine that accomodates all these things I’m taking on now, I have gone back to my reading.  I’ve left it for a bit because of all the excitement and the busy-ness.  Stress has also sort of started creeping in and I need my usual escape.  I have finally finished my James Herriot book The Lord God Made Them All.  Herriot is always my go-to, comfort guy for all occasions.  He makes me laugh.  He made me laugh so much my seatmate on the Supercat going home from Cebu last Sunday kept glancing at me (probably checking if I had a screw lose).  I just love Herriot.  He has this humbling effect and a way of putting things into a perspective, mainly comedic, but he also sets value on hardwork, although routinary life.  It’s not so bad, a life of routine, if only you have the best way of looking at things.  And sometimes it’s how you look at things that matters and not what you do.

I find that everyday for the past six weeks takes me North or South for one thing or another.  I’ve been traveling and apparently it’s really not as glamourous as it is made out to be.  Of course it’s only around the general vicinity of the Leyte province, but if a couple of hours’ drive back and forth everyday is tiresome, imagine if it involves planes and boats and such.  No, that’s not the life for me.  My body is meant for the home and the travel has to be kept to a minimum.  But for now, go where I need to be I must because it’s part of my work now.  The thing about rides, though, is that it forces you to read.  And one can only do so much work-related readings, so here is me and my friend on the van going home from her mother’s home about five hours’ ride from our home and her book (the Gaiman) and my book (the Martin) in between us.  The travel is so very long that we can read, nap, read, nap, read, nap for as long as we like.  That place needs an airport!

I’m enjoying A Storm of Swords again.  I was so shocked (and almost pissed, really) with The Red Wedding.  That was just so unexpected.  And shocking.  I hated the book then and I thought the whole series was stupid.  But it’s been weeks and weeks and the shock has worn off and I am back to my usual enjoyment of the book.  My reading average has dropped and it’s sad, but then it’s balanced with more actual work done so I guess that’s good.  Living and reading is good as opposed to just reading and living through characters and books.  But I still love it, being Elizabeth Bennet or Countess Olenska and all those wondrous characters: they are persons I will never otherwise be except by reading about them.  Part of who I am are the books I have read.  Not reading enough is a starvation I cannot endure.  I may momentarily stop but I will always go back with a vengeance.  I will always be the girl that reads.  And I am glad that I have this site to help me chronicle my readings as often or as little as possible.

my book galore show

Been hanging out at Stars Hollow / Yale again with my favorite Lorelai’s.  I do love this show.  Actually, this is my other world.

The Dragonfly Inn’s library or common room.  This is the very picture of a quintessential family inn.

Rory at the Yale Library.

Rory’s room.  I love and want that very poster of Jane Eyre, or is it Charlotte Bronte?

I love it.  Ah, I love the Gilmores’ world.