wanted: miss dahl’s voluptuous delights

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Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights by Sophie Dahl


the princess bride

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The Princess Bride, William Goldman

This is so far the only book that I have read and finished on schedule for this year.  I have seen The Princess Bride movie but did not make the connection until I started reading it.  This is supposed to be S. Morgenstern’s classic tale of true love and high adventure.  I debated reading the William Goldman “bits” thinking that it might be part of the story based on what I remembered from the movie.  But I thought better of it and decided to stick to the tale.  From halfway through to the end I got really exasperated and did think, as Goldman suggested many times in his insertions, to throw the book across the room.  I thought: why is he ruining it? what is he doing sullying with a classic.  I felt cheated out of a good, ole classic tale.  And after I have finished, I said to myself that I will one day find the original version and read it, never mind of Goldman didn’t see it fit to print and trouble the readers with.  And of course it turned out to be all Goldman.  And I feel stupid for skipping his “bits” there, except for some that would leave a great blank in the story if I did not read his “commentaries”, but even then I only skimmed through those.  Now I don’t know if I can consider this as a finished book since I’ve skipped about 20% of the book.  But never mind.  I think I will only feel doubly exasperated if I have to go through it again.

So. The Princes Bride – DONE!


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Valentine's 2013

Having a wonderful evening at the opening of La Belle Aurore’s second shop at Junqeura Ext., Cebu.

The place was filled with books, music, wonderful people and love.  Happy hearts’ day! :)


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