new books

I have these new books.  They are almost formidable.  And to avoid their overwhelming me, I have to give ample time for reading and studying them in a very organized and systematic manner.  Yes, I have gone back to school and these are possibly the only books I’m going to be facing in the next several weeks (also including supplementary books on writing and proper use of quotations for my assignments and papers).  Reading of fiction then will be kept to a minimum and only as a sort of break from the hours and hours of reading of laws and cases.

I’m enjoying school.  I love it!  And as we all know, school needs focus.  I will miss my incessant reading of novels, but I’d like to think that I’m interrupting it for something more.  It isn’t that I think my reading of literature far less important, but there is something about school… the occupation… the discipline… and I just need it right now.  Let’s see how good I am at organizing and making everything fit.

In connection to this, I may not be able to update my blog as much.  Do not think I’m abandoning my book diary.  As long as I’m reading, I’m blogging, –though not as often.  I am also adding a new category: My Law Books, just for anything interesting that I find, and only in relation to my love for reading.  Don’t worry, I am not about to start reviewing law books.  (Not that I feel myself up to that task anyway.)  So there it is.  Wish me luck, wish me happy, wish me God’s guidance in all this.

Keep reading!