stephen king on writing

I’ve only ever read one of Stephen King’s books.  That was Misery and I’ve read it back in high school.  I didn’t read any of Stephen Kings novels after that.  It wasn’t bad, no.  But he did scare me.  I guess you can say he’s very good at what he does.  I swore off horror novels after that because it left me with images that kept me sleepless and made me keep looking behind me to check if the scary woman is there yet.

Even if you’re not a big follower you’d want to read what a Stephen King says about writing if you’re interested in writing and loves to read yourself.  And I got interested on this one.  Never mind what he said about writing itself and those technicalities he discussed, I loved the book because his writing was a pleasure to read.  I didn’t really know who Stephen King was and now I do.  He’s funny!  And I’m kind of a fan now.  I have a couple of his books in my shelf now and I’m even more interested in reading them than I was before.  I highly recommend this book, On Writing.  Stephen King is a pleasure to read when he’s not trying to scare you.


reading : eats, shoots & leaves

In my efforts to become a better writer, I’m reading what I can on punctuation.

I’m enjoying this so far.  And I know a few people who’d love this as well, and who should be members of the APS – the Apostrophe Protection Society.  Sticklers unite! 🙂

The book does not really instruct as point out the misuse and almost-death of punctuation, and why we need it alive and used properly, if only for sticklers who tend to be very violent at the sight of a misplaced or unnecessary punctuation.

This is a good preparation for the more intense book on punctuation that I’m going to be studying on later.  I’m exploring writing seriously now, I really am.  I’m planning out all these lessons I’m going to be filling up my time with in between work.  I’m doing all those things I’ve always wanted to do.  I say if not now, when?  Now, then.  Now.

reading : the canterbury tales


I’m giggling like a five-year-old reading her first rhymes.

I’m having a lot of fun reading this.  It’s old (like, really old) and is still refreshing.  I thought I’d have a hard time with this.  But far from it!  I’m enjoying it thoroughly.  I’ve found some really great quotes too.

This makes for a great afternoon light reading.