oxford bookstore


I’m so happy that we got to spend some time driving around New Delhi before our flight back home.  It was such a busy time that I didn’t think we will still be able to see something of the city.  Thanks to our guide who took us to Connaught Place, and this bookstore which according to him is the oldest one in New Delhi.

I grabbed the opportunity of buying these books that have been forever on my list but never got.  Honestly, I’m proud of myself. Haha! Got books by Indians from India.  I’m sure not many could say the same.  As to reading these anytime soon, that remains to be a dream.

New Delhi, or India for that matter, is probably not the place I would choose to go to for leisure if it were up to me.  My experience there was not exactly the best.  The cuisine wasn’t a favourite, safety was an issue, and the general air not exactly for the faint at heart.  But then leisure was not the purpose.  I did what I went to do.  All in all it was a huge blessing.  I did experience India, the little I saw of its wonders was enough given the time and the pace of our task there.  That’s why I hold on to this moment I went to Connaught Place and saw two bookstores and got some books because this was one of the highlights of my trip.

I dunno if I will ever choose to go back on my own volition. Maybe. Given the money, time and a good country-side spot, maybe.  The air, without the pollution, is cool, and the people have this easy way of bouncing back from bad to good.  It wasn’t all bad, really.  If nothing else, it made me somewhat prouder of my own country.


surprises out of boxes

I normally don’t do online shopping.  I’ve only done it once before and that was from an online friend that I’ve gotten to know really well.  That is, before I have discovered SurprisesOutOfBoxes.  I don’t add online shops to my contacts at Multiply precisely for the reason that I don’t do online shopping.  It changed when I saw a hard bound edition of Jane Eyre on the site.  Jane Eyre is my second favorite book next to Pride and Prejudice.  Of course I have a copy of this but as I’m upgrading my books to hardcovers, I just had to have this.  When I ordered this, the owner said free shipping for books worth a thousand and above.  Of course I looked around.  And, boy, are there a lot of good selections there!  It’s nice shopping for books at an online shopping site that is clearly run by someone who loves and knows her literature.  I have found copies of The Little Prince, Dracula, The Age of Innocence and other of my favorites in hardcovers.  –This is my new addiction, so nice! ❤

This is a good way for me to still enjoy shopping at the comfort of my home.  For the next few months, I’m not going to have that much luxury of time to go to malls to shop for anything, that it’s nice to have a cure for that shopping itch just at the tip of my fingertips.  I’m still not going to do much online shopping in general, just at Surprises Out of Boxes for whatever they have that I like.  I’m really lazy when it comes to looking and I’m usually a stick-to-one person.  So, if you want books in great condition, try this site.  The owner is very accommodating and she can also try and find any particular book that you want that isn’t up on the site.  Go click the frog!  🙂