i love my library

This is where I am in my life right now:


Living life I never thought was possible…

Glad to be given an opportunity…

A place in the world…


And now I’m officially “booklover”.




people’s center and library

People Center and Library is a public library located in Tacloban City.  It encompasses the whole second floor of a two-storey building.  It’s like time stood still in this library.  It was built during the Marcos’ regime and never saw glory again.  It contains a lot of great books, covered in dust, but still in good condition.

After Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit Leyte, the building was used as an evacuation center for the victims.  Sad to say, a lot of them were used for more “practical” uses.  No judgment.  It was a time of chaos and uncertainty.  However, it has remained intact and still contains a lot of treasures which badly need love and affection.  Something can still be done.

My friend Cookee and I decided to volunteer.  We have no idea about book organisation or classification, but we do know how to dust and pile them.  We start where we can.

This is what I will be busy with this year, and, perhaps, in the years to come.





#loveyourlibrary #peoplescenterandlibrary

stephen king on writing

I’ve only ever read one of Stephen King’s books.  That was Misery and I’ve read it back in high school.  I didn’t read any of Stephen Kings novels after that.  It wasn’t bad, no.  But he did scare me.  I guess you can say he’s very good at what he does.  I swore off horror novels after that because it left me with images that kept me sleepless and made me keep looking behind me to check if the scary woman is there yet.

Even if you’re not a big follower you’d want to read what a Stephen King says about writing if you’re interested in writing and loves to read yourself.  And I got interested on this one.  Never mind what he said about writing itself and those technicalities he discussed, I loved the book because his writing was a pleasure to read.  I didn’t really know who Stephen King was and now I do.  He’s funny!  And I’m kind of a fan now.  I have a couple of his books in my shelf now and I’m even more interested in reading them than I was before.  I highly recommend this book, On Writing.  Stephen King is a pleasure to read when he’s not trying to scare you.

my shelves

My books that hardly ever gets photographed except when my sister comes to visit and takes pictures of them as a rule.

I might make a more comprehensive post of my collection soon.  Might.  I’m a bit busy with work now and setting up a new blog after the devastating news of Multiply.com’s closing their blogging and networking services.  Everybody is jumping ship and so am I.  It’ll take time… – not to mention a few tears.

Anyway, here’s the “before” photo of my books.