people’s center and library

People Center and Library is a public library located in Tacloban City.  It encompasses the whole second floor of a two-storey building.  It’s like time stood still in this library.  It was built during the Marcos’ regime and never saw glory again.  It contains a lot of great books, covered in dust, but still in good condition.

After Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit Leyte, the building was used as an evacuation center for the victims.  Sad to say, a lot of them were used for more “practical” uses.  No judgment.  It was a time of chaos and uncertainty.  However, it has remained intact and still contains a lot of treasures which badly need love and affection.  Something can still be done.

My friend Cookee and I decided to volunteer.  We have no idea about book organisation or classification, but we do know how to dust and pile them.  We start where we can.

This is what I will be busy with this year, and, perhaps, in the years to come.





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14 thoughts on “people’s center and library”

      1. i thought so! because i saw all those shelves filled with old books galore the last time i was there. i wanted to go up and have a bit of a look but the gates leading up to the second floor were locked.

        it was a very interesting sight, though. i was more curious about what was up there than the stuff they were selling downstairs.

        p.s. that is a very cool job you’re doing right now!

      2. Mao ba? Sayang, Jan. I’ve never known of a better library in the Phils, not that I’ve seen a lot except sa school. But you’d have been able to see na it was meant to one of those libraries.

        Thanks. It makes me happy to be doing this. Maayo nalang naa ko kuyog, a friend who’s as crazy as me. People are amazed na we are doing this. But they don’t see na there’s a mine of treasures among them.

      3. of course! and you guys are lucky to have been given the opportunity to do what you’re doing right now. i reckon it’s like going back into time and reliving history all over again just by touching those books. (lol. i sound like a nerd.)

        what are they planning to do with the building? it’s a nice old building. it would be lovely if they’d turn it into an actual museum/library or something.

      4. Hay, ambot lang gyud. It’s a sequestered property of the Marcoses. So under PCGG sya. You know how it is pag naa sa government. But if they really only take time, they could turn this around completely. It’s a good tourist spot naman gani unta. I hope we can do more pa. Hinay, hinay lang. Salamat sa encouragement.

    1. Thanks, Girl. You will not believe na the librarian there (of the provincial library which is housed in the same building) discouraged us to do it. I think it was more out of sympathy given the enormity of the task. Maayo nalang na ako kuyog is not to be easily fazed pud.

      1. you guys are the best. it’s a very good advocacy – saving books. i like the sound of it, can’t imagine dealing with it physically though. proud of you jac. hope you’ll both get to finish it with full hearts. post updates soon.

      2. Girl, it is such a huge library. We might finish in 20 years. Wala man gud sila maintenance. Maybe if we are better organised we can ask for more volunteers.

  1. This is an amazing initiative, Jac. Maybe set up a Facebook page for more exposure? This could lead to more volunteers. You can also organize something with local book clubs maski sa schools dinha. Those books are beautiful. 🙂

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