my, donald!

February 11, 2013 § 2 Comments

Philippine Laws

I feel exactly like how Donald looks here after reading laws after laws after laws.

And I ask myself why… why do I have to do this to myself?

I remember the verses a friend made me read about being a lawyer and about studying.  I think it said something like “don’t be a lawyer” and “stop studying” or something to that effect… (He He He!)

Again, why?  Why do I have to do this to myself?




§ 2 Responses to my, donald!

  • ballerina95 says:

    because reading law gives one a certain pleasure. 🙂 if only we could do it at our own leisure.

    • bookysh says:

      Reading the law has made me worried. Haha! One has to have the right perspective to get through them, otherwise it’s all gibberish and very boring. It does give one a certain feeling of power, though, knowing what only a very few of the population know even though our daily lives work around them.

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