doing life

Reading has always been my way of sheltering myself from the harsh realities of life.   It has provided me with an escape from all that I disliked about reality, and at the same time provided me with the tools and perspective to deal with reality… because we can’t really, truly escape from it.  My writing has also been proportionate with my reading.  That my last post was months away proves that I have been reading and writing a lot less.  Because I have been doing life.

I have been needing less sheltering from reality because reality for me now has proved to be more beautiful that I barely noticed that I’m living it.  It still isn’t without its problems, believe me, but I’m dealing with it better because, well, I’m no longer alone.

I have something BIG to look forward to.  And everyday is surrounded with things that is a testament to how all my dreams, all the things I’m working hard for, will come into fruition.   In a way, I’m already living the dream.  I don’t mind living life so much now, not when it’s giving me so much to hope for as well as the ability to hope.

Sandy is our four-month old shih tzu.  She is super adorable and super smart and making a mommy out of me, taking her to the vet, shopping for her, feeding her and training her.  I love her to death, probably as much as I love her giver (Hi, honey!).  Obviously, having a pup is no easy feat, but she is making everything in my life pretty straightforward.

Having a busy schedule requires careful planning.  What with having a puppy, the business, and law school this coming semester, I have to prioritize and give things their due concentration.  Focus truly is the key.  My reading of fiction may slow down but I know I can’t do without it entirely no matter how busy I become.  I still would need that escape every now and then.  But I have to prioritize my reading so I have made a book list for the year that I will strictly adhere to (see previous post).

Anyway, I wanted to write this post before I go inactive.  I am not abandoning my blog, I’m merely prioritizing, and for this year blogging is like, the fourth of a list of five priorities.

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