my shelves

My books that hardly ever gets photographed except when my sister comes to visit and takes pictures of them as a rule.

I might make a more comprehensive post of my collection soon.  Might.  I’m a bit busy with work now and setting up a new blog after the devastating news of’s closing their blogging and networking services.  Everybody is jumping ship and so am I.  It’ll take time… – not to mention a few tears.

Anyway, here’s the “before” photo of my books.


10 thoughts on “my shelves

  1. jankurdt says:

    oh, wow! i guess you don’t call yourself “bookysh” for nothing!

    nice to see you here, jac. from multiply to wordpress. god forbid we’re forced to move to another one. *knock on wood*

      • jankurdt says:

        hahaha! as in! dili jud lalim ang pag transfer ug posts ug pics ai. nipahuway pa gani ko from transferring coz it’s just too overwhelming!

  2. I did a whole post one time about snooping on other people’s shelves via the pictures they post. Even when the bookshelves are secondary, and just happen to be in the background, I can never resist trying to read the titles. You learn a lot about people from the books they keep. In effect, the real person is on display for the world to see.

    • I do that too, read the titles of books in pictures. I get curious as to the collection of books that one has. I think a person is not just one book, or his/her favorite book, but the combination of the books that he/she has or has read.

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