reading : north and south

My first Elizabeth Gaskell.

After reading a lot of poetry and a few contemporary stuff I felt it was time for my classics again.  I have missed that feeling of satisfaction after finishing a classic.  I have two Gaskell books in my shelf.  I think that she’s the only author I have not read that would complete my set of these particular authors (Austen, Bronte) from this era.  I hope Gaskell proves to be at par with my two favorite authors.  It would be a real treat to discover someone of their kind again.

Yesterday I was thinking about The Age of Innocence, and how books like that linger in one’s mind, making one go through some detail over and over again.  Those are the best kinds of books… Then I remembered The Lord of the Rings.  How I love that series!  I just love reading.  The prospect of finishing another classic is making me reminisce.

With all the work I have to do this week, and with my cousin’s wedding I’m helping out, I hope I can finish a few chapters.  My law books have been so left behind.  I’m just hoping I can settle everything and make a proper schedule that would fit everything in after this week.


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