reading : eats, shoots & leaves

In my efforts to become a better writer, I’m reading what I can on punctuation.

I’m enjoying this so far.  And I know a few people who’d love this as well, and who should be members of the APS – the Apostrophe Protection Society.  Sticklers unite! 🙂

The book does not really instruct as point out the misuse and almost-death of punctuation, and why we need it alive and used properly, if only for sticklers who tend to be very violent at the sight of a misplaced or unnecessary punctuation.

This is a good preparation for the more intense book on punctuation that I’m going to be studying on later.  I’m exploring writing seriously now, I really am.  I’m planning out all these lessons I’m going to be filling up my time with in between work.  I’m doing all those things I’ve always wanted to do.  I say if not now, when?  Now, then.  Now.


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