reading : the great gatsby

In the middle of The Two Towers of The Lord of the Rings series, I decided to pick up The Great Gatsby for re-reading.  I didn’t like it the first time; I thought it was too hyped up or something.  I went through it expecting something great and was disappointed.  Re-reading it has proven me wrong.  It IS great.  Maybe I was just younger then and didn’t know what was what.  I think this is something I will read over and over again from now on.  I find myself going through phrases or whole paragraphs just because I’m admiring the mastery of the syntax.  It’s one of those books you wanna chew slowly, relish every taste, and marvel at it’s nourishing effect.

I decided to re-read this because I’m looking for something.  Sympathy, maybe.  Some feeling of connection.  I’m looking for you, I guess.  It took me a while to realize why you were so familiar.  You came from reality that I did not recognize you right away: that you were a character from out of a book.  Perfect and real.  This may be a crazy thought.  Scary.  But it is what it is and you are what you are.  And here I am finding myself learning about life still and discovering that there is so much more about life that I have yet to experience and will experience if I open up myself to it.  And I open up myself to it.  Because you taught me, in a more subtle yet profound way, that I can be great; that I AM great just because you looked my way.


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