best student ever!

I think I know what it takes to excel in school being (ahem) a good student myself.  The formula for everyone is always the same: discipline + hard work, tweaked a little to suit the student’s style.  But it still helps to read and get a few practical tips on studying and attaining academic excellence.  As Pastor Ronald Molmisa says, it is not just about studying hard but studying smart.

I have already finished college and am now studying law.  I see studying as a rewarding experience so I’m not the kind of person who has to be dragged or forced to study.  I love studying.  Even so, when I saw the above booklet by the counter as I was falling in line to pay at National Bookstore I picked it up and paid for it.  I have a similar booklet called Improve Your Grades, A Practical Guide to Academic Excellence that I have had since high school, which was useful.  But this one has a Christian touch, which I appreciated and for me gave a greater meaning to the reason for studying: that it is ultimately an offering to our Maker.  As in everything else that we do, we have to offer it to God.  We must study hard not because we have to or because we want to get good grades but because we owe it to Him who gave us our gifts, our faculties to make the best out of what we are given.  I think this is one of the best PHP75.00 I have ever spent.

The book is in Tag-Lish, which would probably make a lot of Visayans squirm.  But it’s really not that bad. ;P  It’s written in a way that’s understandable and fun.  I highly recommend this to anyone I know who is a student or who knows a student who strives for academic excellence.  Pastor Molmisa is a fun and inspired writer.  Read more about him at


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