reading : man’s search for meaning

Seven years since I graduated from my study of Psychology and four years of touching logotherapy on and off in college and I only get to read this now.  The book is supposed to be good, not only for those studying Psychology or are into Psychology but for anyone who, well,  is in search of his or her life’s meaning.  In my readings I come across books relating to the Holocaust, usually not intentionally, some of them happen to be classics that are not to be missed.  This issue is close to my heart, as it would be to anyone who has ever read of the suffering and deprivation that went on then.  It’s more than that and I have no words.

Why read this now?  Maybe I just want to put my sufferings into perspective.  I’m suffering.  But surely this is nothing compared to what Viktor Frankl went through.  There are far worse sort of suffering in this world.  I have it easy.  So whatever it is I’m going through, I’ll just have to endure and go on and be grateful for the sunshine.


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