effect of heart-sickness

Just as they say that one must never buy groceries when hungry, neither must one (particularly for book-lovers) go book-shopping when feeling heart-sick or feeling deprived in any way emotionally.  Because the tendency is you buy a second copy of Moby-Dick which you happened to hate the first time you’ve read it.  The cover looked nice and it’s a good edition.  I got it and will maybe read it again in ten years and maybe give it the justice it deserves.  Or this will be a purely decorative addition to my shelf.  I got these books four days ago.  I am more than armed for my summer reading but I guess I just needed that extra push to read a lot again that I had to get new books.

I had been wanting to read Bridget Jone’s Diary since I first saw the movie last year and loved it.  I constantly looked for it during my Booksale visits and finally got lucky last Wednesday.  I think this would make for a really light, funny read for the summer.  I got Ian McEwan’s Atonement because it was there.   I know I still have an important James Joyce to tackle for this whole year but I bought Dubliners anyway because I recently read that it was one of the list of 17 books that Ernest Hemingway “would rather read again for the first time […] than have an assured income of a million dollars a year.”  And I love Ernest Hemingway.  The Eat, Pray, Love I got, and last,  because just as I was paying for my books, the cashier said that I was only a few pesos short of a thousand pesos worth of purchases to get a 5% discount.  And so I looked at the shelf behind her and pointed at Eat, Pray, Love  even though I wasn’t that into the movie, because it might be an interesting book nonetheless, and the edition was a good one. I ended up paying more than a thousand pesos.  With 5% discount, of course.

I have missed my life of nothing but reading.  I used to tell myself before that maybe I should read less and live more.  If I leave my books, I might allow for those exciting things that tend to happen in books happen in my life.  I think I did just that, and boy were the things happening in my life made me want to get right back in bed, under the covers, and with books in my hand and all around me.  Apparently, it’s scary out in the world; it was safer to experience life in the security of my bedroom, through the printed word, and with coffee on the bedside table.

But there they all are… there is no undoing what has happened and what was done.  One must continue to live as one best could.  The thing is to keep what’s most important close: family, friends, and books.


2 thoughts on “effect of heart-sickness”

    1. What is this book? 🙂

      It is more than therapeutic, it’s addictive. Haha! 🙂 But yeah, it does help relieve us of some of the weight in our hearts. Better a book than other useless things, right?

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