reading : cold mountain

I have not gone past chapter one, but it’s good so far.  I have to stick to this and finish no matter how long it takes.  I’ve picked up a couple of books that I didn’t continue with.  I didn’t finish a book last month and I should be able to get one in this March.  Anyway, it’s almost the end of the semester so I should have enough time for this.  I hope I really love this book.  Given my schedule, I can’t afford to read anything but the best stuff since there will only be a few books that I’d be able to finish this year.

At my dormitory this is what I picked up and have been reading the last two nights:

I have been drawn back to poetry again lately.  I have opened my Shakespeare and Neruda which I haven’t been able to do for some time now.  Poetry always has a way of making life make sense to me the way that everything else can’t.  Minot is good.  I just picked this up at random at Booksale.  Her work is proving to be something I can relate with but still leaves something for me to think of.  I don’t quite get what it is but I know I don’t have to.  All I have to know is that there is some trailing meaning after I have read the last words, which I may or may not figure out but will leave me thinking… and feeling.

I haven’t finished yet.  When I am through everything, I’ll pick out my favorite poems or lines and I’ll share them.

God, I have missed reading!


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