stephen fry on ulysses

I missed the January 16 deadline for my Ulysses Read-Along update and I thought I’ll just wait for February 16 for my post.  Anyway, I have barely started.  What I did finish was Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal.  Different story altogether, but I was happy I finished my second book for the year.

My friend Swerver shared above video with me at Twitter and I thought it fitting to post to help me on.  I told him about my Ulysses Read-Along and he said the video was posted on his FB wall right after we talked.  How nicely these things happen.

   I think I might be able to dedicate a few minutes tonight to read on Ulysses.  I loved what Stephed Fry said about the book and maybe it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.  I really hope not.  But then he sort of compared it with The Great Gatsby which I wasn’t really crazy for at all.  I’ve already started Ulysses, though, and I didn’t find it so bad.  It’s definitely challenging and requires focus, but those aren’t bad things at all.

How well is my Read-Along Partner doing?  Check it out here. 🙂


4 thoughts on “stephen fry on ulysses”

  1. The Great Gatsby sometimes strikes me as… senseless. I just don’t dig all that hullabaloo that Gatsby went through. The title should be The “Great” Gatsby. The quotations might have been considered, but due to printing problems…

    Oops, not about Ulysses, I know. I can’t help it. 😀

    1. I think I know someone who will appreciate the quotations just because we appreciate misplaced quotations. Not to say that this one here is. Hehehe. I am planning to read it again actually. I want to give it another chance. Although experience has taught me that second readings usually tell me the same thing about a book.

      So how are you coming along with Ulysses?

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