the art of the deal

I’m not a particular fan of the Trump.  But I was book-shopping and it was only PHP30 and I thought I could definitely learn something from the guy.  So far, I’ve got a couple of great quotations.  He IS successful and maybe by reading his book it’s like he’s rubbing off some of his success on me.  I’m not into autobiographies, or books of success stories, or self-help anything… So I really don’t know why but I am reading this.

I think success has a common denominator: hard work and vision.  Aside from this, there are no specific formulas.  Different people work at different paces and in different ways.  There is no one way to success.  And what was the perfect formula for one may not be applicable to another.  That is why I don’t read books of successful people telling me how to succeed the way they had.

Maybe I just want to get to know Trump.  I actually sort of dislike him.  I want to get to know the guy behind my impression of him.  And learn “the art of the deal” in the process.


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