the ulysses read-along

Marilyn Monroe.  Reading Ulysses.

I. Am. Officially. Behind.

Back in June 13, 2010 I asked the question, and apparently the answer is this year.  And for the whole year.

It started when…

and I thought what better than…

My lit life won’t be so bad this year after all…

I am finally undertaking this challenge of reading one of the hardest books known to man (everything second only to Moby-Dick, of course) and I get to update you of my progress through this blog.

I want to thank Honey of Coffeespoons, my partner for this challenge, for this really wonderful idea.  I think you may have just helped me find a way to get through the tough ones.

Now I have to start reading if I want to have something to report by the 16th.

Happy reading to us! 🙂


4 thoughts on “the ulysses read-along”

  1. Wow, this is a nice! I also plan to read Ulysses with a fellow blogger. We intend to start on April, the cruelest month, hahaha. I guess I will be snooping now and then to your blogs. Happy reading!

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