feeling christmas-y

It’s almost Christmas.  And I’m looking forward to it this year like I’ve never looked forward to it for many years past.  It’s because Christmas means break for me again.  Being in school now means that I need all the break I can get not to have a break per se but really to work and watch over my store and to catch up on my reading.  In law school, you can’t read and study in advance too much.  Time is always of the essence.  I am also hoping that I get to finish one more book before the year closes.

So Christmas… Presents! 🙂 All I really want this year is a copy of A Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.  I’ve been wanting a copy ever since I’ve seen part of the movie on cable some time back.  I won’t be able to read it yet, but I still want a copy secure in my shelf.  I’ve only ever read one Jules Verne and it was Around the world in Eighty Days, which I liked.

Oh! by the way, my room is being repainted.  I had one part of my wall painted red (like I’ve always wanted).  My cream-colored bookshelves are going to look great against it (I hope!).  I will post pictures as soon as it’s all done and as soon as I am able to.  The painting’s all that’s left to be done in my room after I started re-doing it, filling it with furnitures and stuff.  Once it’s done, I think I’m all set for next year. ♥


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