music. books. love.


I went to Dipolog City to see the home of an online friend… see the environment that nurtured the person I admire.

I experienced a full Café Romano hospitality.

Meewa’s Papa’s sculpture.

The library.  It’s refreshing to visit a friend that has a lot of books to compare with my own and discuss about.  It is quite a rarity.

A full Café Romano breakfast with the famous espresso. ♥  This was an excellent breakfast, but I have just arrived that morning so it was full of talk and less of the eating.  Truly delightful! 🙂

Demitasses.  One set of many from Meewa’s collection.

Dandi and Misha, Meewa’s brothers.  My last picture at the house.  I think this is very picturesque.  The photo is not very good as usual, but it’s the whole scene, the feeling it evokes: it makes me want to go back every time I see it.

Meewa of Les Fleur d’un Livre.  🙂 I’m so glad to finally meet her after years of online friendship.  Even through the net we’ve connected quite well to make me (finally) take on a trip south and be with her.  I experienced more than I thought I would for an overnight stay.  I had a truly wonderful time there.  I think I laughed the whole time.

This year, –and I know it’s not over yet but I don’t think both or either can be topped– I have had two wonderful, life-changing periods with people I never thought existed.  Both broke my heart.  The first one because He took my dreams away, and the second because They are so very far away.


8 thoughts on “music. books. love.”

  1. Jac! If Dandi didn’t post the link at FB today I would have noticed this entry much much later. I’ve been so busy with the recital and upcoming performances that I haven’t had the chance to visit my favorite cozy nooks in the internet. This is so sweet… and I thank you once again for finally taking the time and effort to visit me and our humble home. You will always be welcome here. ❤

    1. That’s ok. You also didn’t even see my Multiply album of my visit. But I understand. It’s coz I don’t have FB. heheh. I’m getting busy myself. School is… overwhelming, to put it lightly.

      Well, I’ll thank you again. 🙂 I had a great time there! And I’m contemplating a visit already. Dandi’s offering me piano lessons in exchange for doing laundry and his ‘torno’ of dishes. lol.

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