singapore art museum

(A long overdue post.)

Q: How much fun can a girl have in an art museum?

A: A lot of fun, if you’re me.

I was so happy when we happened by this building on our walk to Orchard Road.  I just had to get in!  Happy me, they had an open house featuring Southeast Asia Contemporary Art.  Nothing can complete a trip more than a visit to such a fine museum. ♥

I do love art and history as much as I love books, though probably not as well-versed in them as much as with books.  But some things do go together.

Yes, I admit, I am geek-y.

I found this piece there

I thought: what a cool shelf!

… and it goes aaaaall the way down.

But, alas, it is only a mirror.  I looked down first so I really thought it went all the way down, but I looked up and it’s the same so, yeah, broke the illusion because you see that the top of the shelf is only up to there.  It would have been cool if this shelf was floor to ceiling, and then one could really get fooled.

I hate that I didn’t see the information regarding this piece.  I don’t know what this was called and who by.  I did think this might have been Filipino as I noticed a lot of the books are Filipino, like this above.

I was so proud.  But I was also reminded that I’m supposed to be reading Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere within the year. (Ugh!)



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