wanted : a game of thrones

I have joined the bandwagon and have started watching HBO’s A Game of Thrones.  There’s no wonder to that, really, as I am a follower of their many shows, like True Blood, also based on an SFF series Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris.  When I started watching I didn’t know that it was an HBO adaptation.  There was just this one friend at twitter who kept mentioning it and I thought I’d give it a try.  She recommended the book series and as I have been wanting to read a really engaging series, a fantasy one in particular, I instantly wished something like Fullybooked was just outside my door after starting to watch the show.   I wanted to start reading A Game of Thrones right away.  I need distraction from life again.  Life’s been, well, life, with all its ups and downs.  And one needs the right book for each happening, you know.

I was so excited to get the book and (of course!) the bookstore had everything from the four books of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series that’s out but the first one, A Game of Thrones.  (Great!) I was almost crushed.  I was digging and digging in the shelves.  Books Two to Four were plentiful but Book One, ZERO.   So I either have to wait until they stock up, which I hope is not long, or I order, or I go to Cebu to get one, (or move permanently, like to Singapore with its amazing library–which reminds me that I have yet to post something from that trip,) or wait and read The Lord of the Rings series again like I have always intended to: in this way I still get to stick to my resolution of not buying any more books until the year is over because, by God! I have plenty of books and in the whole month of May I have only read Ivanhoe.

And this is my story for the day.  The story that tells of my desire to be in a different world far, far away from here.  Now.


2 thoughts on “wanted : a game of thrones”

  1. this is a great series! I’m sure book one is out of stock nearly everywhere, since everyone is getting into the tv show. I hope they continue with more seasons, we’ll see who can finish the series first, HBO or George R R Martin!

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