In three days I will be in Singapore and I’m really excited about it. 🙂 This is my very first time out of the country and, like all other first times, this is really special for me.  That I will be spending it with my biological parents and sister is an added bonus.  Who better to go on your first vacation abroad than with one’s family who will surely share your enjoyment as well as the memories.  I will of course take a book with me.  Traveling is always the perfect opportunity to bring a book.  I will definitely have the time of my life but I’m sure there will be those lull moments that calls for the printed word to be right before your eyes.  Besides, some habits are hard to break, like my habit of flipping pages every chance I get.  I have been trying to decide what book to take with me.  It had to be light both in content and in weight for it to be easy to read and carry around.  But not finishing Ivanhoe sooner than I hope now makes it the only candidate.  I’m barely halfway through it.  It’s hardbound but it’s a small book so it will be easy to carry.  And I’m really, really fascinated by the story.  If it ends right, this might easily end up on my top ten favorite books.  I definitely need a memorable book for this sure to be memorable trip.

♥ ♥ ♥


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