remembering care-free reading days

No, this isn’t a review about a café.  It would be misplaced, wouldn’t it?  Although, I still wish there was still this café to be reviewed, but alas, it is no longer!  I used to frequent Café Urbana after I discovered it.  I only happened to pass by it one time a few years ago and I just loved it there.  That was up until a couple of years ago when they closed.  The couple who owned it moved to France.  The café served Filipino/French fusion food.  I liked it there because it was most often quiet.  Not many people, at the usual time that I go there, are in the café and so I had it to myself, quiet and peaceful.  I took long, leisurely lunches there.  It was during my care-free days when I could afford to stay at a restaurant for a long time because I hadn’t that much pressing business to attend to.  I would have my main course and drinks, then I will have coffee and dessert.  I stayed there two to three hours at a time.  Why?  I read there.  Long, leisurely lunches meant eating and reading (or writing) at the same time.  And no one disturbs you there.  It was also much too small a place for a girl dining alone to be so conspicuous.  It was just right for me.  Nothing since they closed ever came close to that place for me.  I haven’t found a replacement!  I love cafés, and I love reading, and I love good food and I love coffee –it was heaven for me: the combination of everything that was perfect!

Always one of my favorite shots.

I loved this red wall.  The opposite wall was cream.

Always a book with me.  I’m not much of a person who takes a lot of photos.  So sometimes I forget until after eating that it would have been nice to take a photo.  This was Baked Marinara, my favorite dish there.

The decor was simple.  The frames are African.

I missed their dishes and cutlery!  The yellow mug was for the napkins.

Their sort-of place mat was newsprint paper and sometimes when I felt the urge to write and I didn’t bring my notebook, I would use it.

Their version of ‘toron’.  It was good, too!


8 thoughts on “remembering care-free reading days”

    1. You scared me for a while there. The first few words were really maldita-sounding. Haha. Thanks, Mee! But then even the worst at it can take a few good ones. I do like the first pic though. 🙂

      See? I’m passionate about cafés. I just have to visit yours!

  1. ah yes, I miss it too.. it was a nice resto and just a few steps away… indeed! Need to tell Jitka that they’re missed somehow.

    1. Tell them to come back to the country and re-open! hehe. Sabagay, who’d give up France for here? I mean, it’s France, right? I’d love to live there if I could.

      There’s Sunzibar that’s nice too, but they’re too popular and crowded. And the chairs don’t have backs so it does not necessarily encourage long stays.

    1. I don’t know. Never asked. I just assumed it meant Urban Café literally and that’s just what it was. It was small, not exactly super amazing. It was just conducive for me for my stuff. Heheh. And the food was great. The coffee was strong. It was nice.

  2. Stumbled upon your post (and browsed entries of your blog). I’m reacquainting myself to tacloban’s dining scene. Was just wondering if you can suggest a similar place for a hang out. Someplace where cafe urbana was for you (if you found another one).

    I noticed that you like Jane Eyre, I would suggest that you read/watch wide saragasso sea. A prequel to Jane Eyre on Bertha’s story, written from a creoles point of view.

    1. Hi! I have never seen anything quite like Cafè Urbana. There’s Sunzibar but it’s really crowded; great food, though, and very quaint. 🙂 You might like to go to Libro Atbp. which is just within the same area as Café Urbana. They don’t serve meals but they have sandwiches and really good pastries. And lots and lots of books.

      I have The Wide Saragasso Sea (or was it River?) on my list of to-reads. I haven’t seen an actual copy of it yet. But I never knew it was related to Jane Eyre in anyway. Thanks for telling me.

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