mia wasikowska as jane eyre

I remember months and months back when I first heard of a Jane Eyre movie in the works.  The talk was Ellen Page was to star in it.  NO! — that was my reaction.  It’s not that I don’t like her per se.  It’s an accent thing for me.  Movies like this simply have to be perfect and accents are crucial.  I haven’t heard of the Jane Eyre movie again until a friend of mine who knew I liked Jane Eyre tweeted the IMDB link to me.  Now, I haven’t seen Mia Wasikowska but in Alice in Wonderland and I didn’t really notice her all that much, but at least she’s Australian.  And if you stare at her expression on this poster, there is something there… I can’t quite explain it, but I’m drawn to this expression.  I hope this movie does not prove to be a disappointment (like, aherm, Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes *eyes rolling*). It can never be at par with the book but I hope it will be something like what Martin Scorcese’s The Age of Innocence was with the book: a complement.


6 thoughts on “mia wasikowska as jane eyre”

  1. I recognized the actor playing Mr. Rochester in the movie 300; and I think he plays the young Magneto in the X-Men Origins, First Class; James McAvoy will play the young Prof. Xavier.

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