the good soldier

This is probably my last read of the year.  Probably and hopefully.  I hope I stick to it and finish it before the year ends.

“This is the saddest story I have ever heard.” –what better beginning of a book is there?

Already this reminds me of The Great Gatsby.  The GREAT Gatsby which I didn’t find so great and must peruse again to be sure I didn’t really like it or that I was totally dumb the first time I did.  Obviously I don’t have absolute trust on my own opinions at all times.

I really must finish this, though.  I must!  I’ve scanned through my list of books read this year and I feel like I must finish with something really great.  And I feel that this is.

AND I got this copy of Ford Madox Ford’s The Good Soldier in one of my bookshoppings at Booksale.  (The attendants there already know me and have big smiles for me whenever I come in.  What bookstore wouldn’t love me with all the fortune I spend there?)  It was a bargain at P15.00 (about $0.40).  Who would have believed it?  Not I, certainly.  But got it I did and felt like it was my lucky day.  Of course I spent more than P15.00 there.  All the other books I got totally outweighed this particular bargain.  But books are always worth it.

I have to be reading.  Things and real life is eating me up and I shouldn’t let it happen.  I mustn’t let it affect my reading.

So… it’s almost the end of the year and did you read anything amazing this year?


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