rory gilmore

I loved Gilmore Girls the first moment I saw it on TV.  I was in 4th year high school and I first saw it on one of our local channels.  You can bet it was at least  a year delayed.  We had no cable yet, no internet, everything wasn’t so accessible as it is now.  Gilmore Girls is officially my first favorite TV show.  I didn’t get to see it beyond the first few episodes of the second season.  But I did get to see the first season over and over and over again.  The channel that showed it was also in love with the show as I was, apparently.

I’m watching it again now.  The plan is to watch all of seven seasons.  I really love the show. I watched the whole first season twice.  It still has its charm.  You’d think that with the number of series you can watch these days, that Gilmore Girls would just seem phased out.  It’s a quaint, lovely, heart-warming show that can be enjoyed at any time of your life.  Or my life, that is.  Of course, the fact that it’s quite a book fest for a book whore like me, is a plus.  Rory, being an avid reader, is always reading, and each episode mentions a book or two that’s very nice for those who have read them, hearing something familiar and something any book-lover can relate to.

As I was looking for some pictures over the net for this blog post, I came across a Rory Gilmore Book Club or a Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.  Someone actually listened, and listened well, to get each title that was ever mentioned or seen on the show.  It is kind of cool.  Me, I’m into lists, but I’m over looking for book lists already.  I’ve gone through plenty of book lists a while back and have my own to get through still.  For those who are interested, though, go to Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge for the complete list, or get the spreadsheet here: Rory Gilmore Book Project.



10 thoughts on “rory gilmore”

  1. I also love the Gilmore Girls. Rory is such a book geek yet not really social inept. She can be popular if she put her mind to it. I didn’t like how the series turned out though. My least favorite was when she entered college and had boyfriends, with all the complications resulting such entanglements. Ah, well, I guess she had to grow up.

    1. OK, I didn’t finish reading your comment. Hehe. I’m still about to watch the third season. 😛 I’ll read this when I’ve finished. haha. sorry.

  2. Hey, so glad to find another person trying to do the Rory Gilmore challenge. Actually, I didn’t sign up for it, so I’m just “informally” doing it. I do look at the list once in a while and try to see which I’ve read and which I’ve yet to read.

    1. Nice. I don’t know if I want to do the list. It’s nice looking into it though and finding books there you’ve read and those you want to read. Still, it’s a good list.

  3. nice. i am not a fan of reading challenges, but my desire to emulate rory gilmore must still be strong, because this one strikes me as kind of awesome. i love how you watched the same season repeatedly…this is one of the few shows i can watch over & over. how’s it manage to be so wholesome and funny/amazing at the same time?

    1. I know, right? It’s really awesome. It’s the Stars Hollow world that’s really addicting.

      A reading challenge is nice. I think that’s how I’ve gotten to read a lot so far.

      (By the way, I’m watching the 3rd season now.)

  4. I think I would love to do this challenge. And my friend has been bugging me to watch Gilmore Girls for a month and two now. He talks about literacy references and how I would be maddeningly in love with Rory… hmmm.

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