speaking of islands…

“Island Romance” by Walfrido Garcia

If I were to get stranded on an island, what books would I take with me?  This raises a lot of question, I know, but just go with me.  It’s really about the books than about being stranded, if you know what I mean.

1. Pride & Prejudice. Jane Austen. It’s highly re-readable.  It’s usefulness when one is stranded on an island is questionable, and I don’t know if I will really find the time or have that state of mind where I would want to be reading about romance and about a well-fed family with a solid home.  Nonetheless, if I should get settled and life on the island gets bearable, this would make a great past-time read.  And I would still wish to be romantic in spite the hard life on the island.

2. The Swiss Family Robinson. Johann David Wyss. In terms of practical tips as to how to cope with life on an island, what to avoid and what things to prioritize, I think this book will really come in handy.  Of course I could just go with Being Stuck on an Island for Dummies or something, but this is a strictly fiction books list.

3. I, Claudius. Robert Graves. Graves is an important author and I, Claudius is a must-read.  He’s the perfect author to aspire to be.  And if I should get out of the island, I just might be a writer and can say: Graves influenced me a lot.

4.  The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. Douglas Adams. I think this is a perfect book to read when stuck on an island.  It is humourous, which is great.  And it is a great book to help you put everything into perspective; great for philosophizing (in a certain way).  Adams has this great way of connecting things (a very hilarious way), and of course all our little, petty worries such as being stuck on an island is nothing compared to what else is going on in the whole universe.

5. The Iliad. Homer. Given all the time in the world and being quite alone, I could bask in the great epic that is The Iliad.  It’s the perfect opportunity to be reading something as big as this.

I think these are all that I could afford to take with me.  I have to make room for food and survival kits.



6 thoughts on “speaking of islands…”

  1. Those are nice books you chose for your island stay. When asked this question, I can never think of any book though.

    1. It is hard. Maybe you have more favorites than I. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this question but I think of as many as I could that I would give up. Hehe. I think it’s just another way of asking what your super favorites are, with the whole island situation to consider as well.

  2. And one of Cody Lundin’s books on surival. Or just have McGyver with you and he’ll do all the work while you enjoy your coconut juice under the palm tree 🙂

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