don’t worry (furry logic series)

This is a brilliant book!  It’s like your ‘Think Positive Thoughts Everyday’ and ‘Hang In There’ poetry and quotes compilation for, you know, thinking positive thoughts and hanging in there when you’re really down and meeting a lot of difficulties, but coming from another direction.  I laughed my ass off while scanning through its pages.  I saw this last month while going through the sales section shelves of Powerbooks in SM Cebu.  I thought of getting it but I was trying not to buy books impulsively, so I didn’t.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about it since.  I spent a good half hour looking for it again this morning while I was in Powerbooks in SM Cebu because I just had to have it.  The book reminded me of The Book That Eats People –they’re not exactly related, only that both have really cool pictures and very few words.

I scanned a few pages:

There were about six copies of the book there and I was almost tempted, as with The Book That Eats People, to buy every copy and give them away to friends.  But I stopped myself.

I just learned that Don’t Worry is a part of a Furry Logic series.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the other five books.  For more of the Furry Logic series by creator Jane Seabrook, go to  And for the brilliant one-liners from Ashleigh Brilliant, check out


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