oddest book titles

Here is a list of the oddest book titles I read from guardian.co.uk.  Apparently, they give awards to the oddest of book titles.  Some of the titles are just weird, while others are downright funny.  I posted those that I found funniest, or weirdest.



(I’m sure He does.  What would the Vatican say!)

(They made a book about this?!)

(Now, what is the point?)

(How do you know?)

(I really don’t.)

Click here for the complete list of the Oddest Book Title Prize.


2 thoughts on “oddest book titles”

  1. Yes, they made a book about because I bought Kathleen Meyer’s HOW TO SHIT IN THE WOODS back in the late 90s. I actually learned a lot from that book and it did come in handy once or twice 😉 There are some pretty interesting stuff in there, I tell ya! Read it ^_^

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