a look back

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.  Good ol’ mystery novel.

This is one of my early classic favorites.  I loved the writing, and the mystery, and the romance.

It’s nice to look back.  I don’t remember when I read this but I know that this was one of those “defining” books that told me the kind of books that I love.  This is what I read.  I’ve explored quite a bit since, but I’m staying true to my roots.  I’ve always loved books, but it wasn’t until I got into the great, classic novels that really got me hooked.  And I have “moved around” since then.  The Woman in White is now hidden behind stacks of books.  How long it has been!  and how many books read since!  Books like this one makes you excited to read new books that would evoke similar feelings.  Not all books give you that feeling, and when you happen to come across one again, one that stirs you from deep within, what a wonderful feeling!  I cannot wait to finish my book now, so I can read another… and another… and another.


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