reading : war and peace

I’ve had this book forever.  I knew that I was going to read it… someday.  I bought this old edition for pretty much a bargain.  I’ve read Anna Karenina and didn’t really like it much (but I’m willing to give it a second chance… someday).  Anyway, I’ve put this on hold, indeed it’s thickness–about two inches–is enough to make a very great procrastinator out of one.  But the number of new thick books unread that I’ve began to accumulate was enough motivation for me to knock off one thick book.  So, after reading the first page, I found that this might prove to be a really good read for me.  I hope so.  A book like this is about two – six weeks worth of reading, depending on how busy I get with my “other work” and how dragging the book might get.

And then after, I might finally watch the only one (or one of two) of Audrey’s films that I haven’t watched.  I’ve put off watching the movie until after I’ve read the book.  And it has been a few years since my Audrey Hepburn movie marathon.



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