i, claudius

Top Pick.

This is an incredible book.  It stands out among a sea of books that I have read.  It stands out even among my favorites.  This book would be on my top shelf, if I had a book shelf.  And if there is an author I would like to write like, it would be Robert Graves; it’s like he invented writing, and is the example we should all aspire to be.  This book was recommended to me by two book-loving friends ages ago and I, accordingly, read it and was more than satisfied.  I’d like to say more in its praise, but I don’t want to rave too much about it.  Read, and be satisfied.

I, Claudius has a sequel, Claudius the God.  It’s really good too (but it’s usually the first one that creates the impact, as with everything else, whether books or movies).

And, yeah, the book (or books, I’m not so sure if it’s of the two books) has a BBC TV adaptation.  I have a copy of the TV series but haven’t been bothered to watch.  The book, I think, is too complicated for any TV show to do it justice.  And what with TV or movie adaptations cutting out so many characters, and this book definitely mentioned so many figures in history, I don’t think it could equal its written counterpart.


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