loved, and loved again

“No book is worth anything which is not worth much; nor is it serviceable, until it has been read, and reread, and loved, and loved again; and marked, so that you can refer to the passages you want in it as a soldier can seize the weapon he needs in an armory, or a housewife bring the spice she needs from her store.”
~ John Ruskin ~


2 thoughts on “loved, and loved again”

  1. if the proof of love for a book is the sign of wear and tear, what do you think of those who are very OC about covering books with plastic and flipping pages extremely carefully so that the spine won’t crack?

    btw, nice blog makeover. i love the minimalist style.

    1. I used to cover my books til they got too many. I was never careful about the spines. It’s such a pain to borrow books from people who are.

      Makeover? You noticed? I did but a little. I just got started so, you know, I do some tweaking, changing of posts. I’m not done finalizing. But I’ll just work on the whole appearance of the blog as I go along.

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