wanting to revisit middle-earth

Having just revisited Hogwarts and the whole wizarding community, my desire to revisit Middle-Earth is stronger than ever.  I have been wanting to read the trilogy again.  Maybe half the time I was reading the series years and years back I was bored; but I can’t deny, then and now, that it is one of the most complete fantasy tales that I have ever read: a classic in its own right.  I want to read it again, not only to be awed again (and, in the end, I was awed even though half the time I felt that I was dragged through parts of the book), but also to do it justice this time, as I feel that I didn’t give the book its due.  The movie versions, of course, are some of the best.  Although, I still maintain, the movies are hardly half the books from where they are based, being into movies myself, I can appreciate what they do.  The movies often help in better understanding the book, and by bringing the characters and events into life, they help further our imaginations.

I used to be a strictly classic fictions kind of gal when I really started reading.  I thought that the classics are the only thing there is.  And having only started reading them in my early 20’s, I thought I need so much time to make up for the many classic books I missed that diverting to anything contemporary and (gasp!) SFF would be a complete waste of my precious for-classics-only time.  I love SFF for the variety they offer me.  I love it for being precisely out of this world.  Fictions are an escape for me.  And SFF an even better one.  No, I shan’t completely do away with my classics: they are still the best for me.  I’m not so into SFF that I won’t be discriminating with them as I am with my classics.  (Anything more than a hundred years old I would read.)  But the really very good SFF’s are just so wonderful, fantastic, seemingly real… –and there lies the true genius of an incredible author.

Well… I’ll stop here.  I don’t want to go on and on about my devotion for really good SFF’s.  And I am not here to convince, but I’d like to tell book snobs in particular that these lot aren’t so bad, not as bad as we thought.  🙂



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