so last season

Sorry, I’ve just seen the ads and since it’s raining with books, I thought I’d post it.

Alberta Ferretti Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Campaign

I don’t know what the message, or messages, are of this campaign, really.  Books are cool?  Books make you want to go crazy… fashion-wise?  Let’s rip off them books because we are cool, but let’s read them first? Or, OMG! what am I doing in this room full of books? I’m a model! Or maybe they’re supposed to be characters from the books, or the clothes are inspired from these characters… Or! maybe this is how we readers ought to look like. 😉

I don’t know much about Alberta Ferretti.  And judging from this campaign, it’s not really much to my taste — the clothes, I mean.  But I think the ads are quite cool, though the strewn books and torn pages make me a bit sad. 😦

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8 thoughts on “so last season”

  1. they’re more than just socialites: they’re heiress to an ancient secret that keeps the world safe–from something. they look like models because who sez defending the weak and fighting evil means they have to look scruffy. in these pictures, they’re trying to solve a mystery, doing research. but ‘something’ won’t let them, invading their study room with an evil wind.

    whoah, that was fun. glad to discover your site.

  2. hehehe… seems you’re confused of all the pages that fly across your face. pick a page first and breathe, then maybe you’ll know where you are heading next. =)

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