obsession: true blood

I think I am more obsessed with this series than Mad Men, but I love them both.

This True Blood opening credits is my favorite.

I can’t wait to read this Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.


3 thoughts on “obsession: true blood”

  1. Hey, you’re a fellow True Blood fan! Awesome series, isn’t it? Hope you do get to read Harris’ books soon, too, though they’re not entirely the same as the series. In some ways, I like the tv show better than the books.

    1. I’ve read a not very favorable review of the series but, in spite of it, I still want to read the books. I like the TV series too much that any additional background would come in real handy for me. I usually drop a TV show after the first half of its second season, so for me to stay glued and still very much interested in a show after the second season is really something.

      Do you watch Mad Men? I highly recommend it!

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