les misérables

When I first saw the movie years and years back, I thought that it was a powerful movie evoking sentiments from deep within.  To this day, I still do.  And I have always wanted to read the book.  After many, many years, I finally did.  There was quite a difference in the emotions that the book and the movie evoked in me.  The movie, I think, was focused on the two ways of approaching righteousness: one is by rigidly following the rules set by society and religion, the other by following the innate principles of goodness even if, on the outside, it is muddied by what society deem is criminal.  The book was a lot more sentimental, the words sooo beautiful, the ending heart-rending but wonderful.  I don’t want to compare the movie against the book.  I love the book, obviously, and the movie still stands out in my mind as one of the best I’ve seen.


3 thoughts on “les misérables”

    1. well, I think they had to cut some characters. In the movie, Eponine’s father was shown only once, when Jean was getting Cosette. I had no idea that his character was far-reaching in the book.

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