influence by ashley and mary-kate

Because I’m a fan of these two, particularly of Ashley Olsen, I really searched every bookstore I came to for what proved to be a difficult-to-find copy of this coffee table book here in the Philippines.

I found a copy at FullyBooked in Cebu.  There happened to be only one copy and it was reserved.  I had to wait for about a week for the reservation to be canceled before I could have the copy.

Was it worth it? Well, yeah; I learned a lot about Fashion and Art.  Plus, you have to admire a couple of youngster with a good head over their shoulders and are very hard-working in spite of the fact that they could spend more money than a whole third-world country everyday and they still won’t run out.

And I have this thing for fashion.  Just a little thing.  And I really admire Ashley’s style.


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