i’m on it. again.

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I love this series.

I totally snubbed this series when it first became popular thinking that it was, well, too popular.  But that only added to my delight upon taking up the series and found it to be so wonderful.  A book-lover goes through life looking for the next wonderful read that takes you places; and this one was right under my nose and I simply discounted it for being too mainstream.

When I started, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t do anything but read.  It was love.

I love Rowling’s wit and imagination.  I loved everything about the book… except maybe Harry Potter himself with whom I’m not exactly fond of.  He’s a little too careless and selfish for me.

Now, almost three years after I’ve read the last of the series, I’m taking it up again.  It is proving to be as page-turner on the second read as the first.

There is another SFF series I have been thinking of re-reading.  The Lord of the Rings.  It wasn’t as page-turner as HP but I think it deserves a second read and be better appreciated.  Besides, I feel this need to go back to Middle Earth.



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