on to macbeth…

The first time I tried Shakespeare was in high school.  As You Like it, a book lent to me.

Premature.  I didn’t finish it.  I thought Shakespeare was finished for me then.

I took Shakespeare up again, slowly, slowly, starting with the Sonnets.

It amazed me how the words came easy to my ears.  I loved them!

Still, I kept off the tragedies (and comedies and histories) thinking I wasn’t ready for them yet.

But now I think it is time for Macbeth.  I’ve heard it mentioned much in Thackeray’s Vanity Fair and I thought it was time to be reading more of the true classics.

(And to watch the play is a dream!)

Wish me luck! 🙂


4 thoughts on “on to macbeth…”

  1. i started out with the comedies but have veered away from the biographies; those seem to be double tragedies. you will do well. i once was able to do Hamlet’s Soliloquy but it’s Oberon’s Poem (midsummer night’s dream) that I can still finish. You’ll do fine.

    1. Thanks. I did finish Macbeth (out of sheer will mostly) but I think it needs a second reading. To be fair with me, it’s a play and not my usual fiction. hehe. I think it’s really one of those things that have to be studied to be appreciated. I do like the sonnets, though, so I just have to love the plays.

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